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Dancing with the StarsSo You Think You Can DanceWeek three of the dance-a-poolza brought the first dance of the season that made me cry and some stunning cuts.

DWTS, Season 9 Week 3: Dancing with the Stars was another strangely mediocre week, even though the points spread more apart than last week.  It was latin night so it was wall-to-wall sambas and rumbas, which brought out a few unfortunate performances  but also a few those stood out as pretty awesome.

Chelsie Hightower and Louie Vito

Five performances are on my favorite list this week:

  • Louie and Chelsie are such a cute couple! The rumba to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” may not have been as technically correct as it should’ve been, but the chemistry was great and the performance was stellar. This is the one that kicked my emotions in and brought on some tears.
  • Joanna’s performance rocked solely becuase of Derek. It’s well documented here that I am a huge fan of Derek. It was fun and Derek worked harder than she did, and that was just fine by me.
  • Mya has a good shot at winning this competition. Her Rumba was romantic, smooth and magical. I will say I didn’t think it was a 10… but it also wasn’t a 7 (when the heck was Len on last night?)
  • Donny once again impressed with his solid rumba and Kym did some great choreography. The whole thing with Bruno though was just weird.
  • Natalie still needs to loosen up a bit more, but that rumba was incredibly good.
  • It was great to see Kelly bounce back after last week’s clunkiness. Again, this wasn’t scored highly, but I loved it and I want to see her confidence continue to grow.

Middle of the pack for me this week were Mark with his rumba (he was too posy), Michael’s samba (his best performance to date I thought), and Aaron’s rumba (he was too posy too, a little too fast and weird facial expressions and times).

The worst stuff this week came from Melissa (that samba was way too tentative). Debi (another too tentative samba and her facial expression are just sour when she looses her way), Chuck (he lumbered his way through the samba… I was appalled he was the repeat performance on Tuesday) and Tom (he tried to get through that samba with the hurt feet, but it was not quality either).

It was an odd week that Tom and Debi left the show. I was surprised they eliminated two. Doesn’t that chop a week out of the show’s schedule? Anyway, the results show was pretty fab with Queen Latifah and that Jabbawockeez performance to a “Singin’ in the Rain” remix is one of the best Macy’s Stars of Dance performances ever.

SYTYCD, Season 6 Final Auditions & Vegas Week Part 1: Salt Lake had some amazing dancers. Iveta’s ballroom was stunning and I look forward to seeing what she does in other styles. There were two great ballroom couples to with Asheligh and Ryan (both off to Vegas) and Leigh and Josh (she made it to Vegas, minus a toenail… that was gross and unnecessary to show). B-boy Bryan Boyer was also amazing, but he couldn’t get the choreography so he didn’t go to Vegas. I hope he works on his other styles so that he can perhaps make it for season seven.

Meanwhile, in Vegas it was excellent to see Nathan again. He’d auditioned for season five, but was too young and was given an automatic ticket to Vegas for season six. Ellenore Scott was amazing in her solo… one of the best solos I’ve ever seen on SYTYCD. Justin Kenney, a krumper, was so stunning dancing with Iveta during the ballroom portion of the elimination, but he was incredible. The guy I liked so much from last week’s clip, Jonathan, failed to dance for his life and he was bounced out. And, in the most shocking turn, Ryan Kasprzak was eliminated. He barely missed top 20 in season five (and his brother, Evan, made it). I don’t know what was wrong with Ryan but he was out of sorts, especially the ballroom that got him cut. I hope he tries again for season seven.