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WizardsTigersOrdinalsYesterday was a full hockey day with three league games plus the morning skate. The Tigers and Ordinals both won while the Wizards opened the season with a loss. The worst part of the day, the part that will stick with me the longest, is that I fractured Laurie’s ankle during Ronnie’s Ice.

It has been a great morning so far and we were well into the scrimmage: 4-on-4, half ice and no subs. Exhausting but oh so fun. I was set up to take a shot on Tommy and just as I released the puck, Laurie skated across and the puck went right into her ankle and she fell down to the ice. Of all the people there, I had to hit the person I’ve known the longest and my Tigers teammate. Not good.

She did sit out for a few minutes, but them came back to the game and played cautiously. She was limping though as we left and by the time the Tigers game came up last night she was out. I found out this morning she’s been diagnosed with a fracture, is on crutches and won’t be on the ice for 6 to 8 weeks.  I am soooo sorry.

As for the games last night, first up was the Wizards vs. Hornets. It was not a good opener as they beat us 6-2. I was pretty happy with my own game play here. I was paired with Alvin and last night we made a good pair. Of the six goals, we were only out for two: one we could really do nothing about and one that,  between the two of us, we should’ve been able to stop.

The Tigers took on the Sled Dogs next and got a 3-1 or 4-1 win out of (no one seems completely sure if the last shot on net went in or not). Soren was my D partner here and he played good. He didn’t like playing the position, but he played it well. We had some sloppy moments last night that the Dogs didn’t capitalize on (thankfully), but on the whole it was  a solid effort. I hope we can extend these couple of wins into a full out streak.

Ordinals vs. Wild Turkeys was the last game of the trio and here we won 7-3. It was an outstanding effort with some new positions for people. It was thrilling watching Roman pick up a hat trick, which mostly came from end-to-end rushes since he was playing D. The coolest thing of the night though was John getting his first Ordinals goal. I played center last night, which was good since I got to be one of three and I was getting a little worn out at this point. I did a decent job, winning some face-offs, doing my part on D and whipping up a little offensive pressure from time to time.

Next week only the Ordinals play (not sure how I feel about having to go out on Halloween night for the game) and there’ll be Ronnie’s in the morning.