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TigersThe Tigers couldn’t get a full-blown win streak going. We wanted that third game win, but it wasn’t meant to be as we came up against the Scapegoats last night. We lost 4-1.

I haven’t gone back to look at the records, but I think this might have been our best showing against this strong team, which took the D8 championships during the summer season. By and large we looked pretty good against them and had a fair number of shots on goal. They had Mitch (from the D7A Canucks) in net and that was a difficult, Tomasello-esque opposition that we were only able to overcome once… even though we made Mitch stand on his head a couple times to make saves.

I’m pleased with my performance in the game. My defense was pretty strong, albeit with a couple of errors in the mix. Only one goal was scored while I was on the ice. It happened in the aftermath of an offensive rush that I led and, despite three Tigers players working on defense the turnover ultimately led to a goal. I kept hoping I’d get one in on Mitch, but that didn’t happen despite three or four offensive rushes and a few shots from the blueline.

I didn’t play the Wizards late game last night. I did something to my shoulder during the Tigers game that within a couple hours after the game my shoulder was sore and tight and that lasted into today. I did manage to stretch it out and put some heat on it today and that helped. Hopefully it will not be a long-term injury becuase that will not make me happy.

Ronnie’s in the morning was good. Ronnie taught yesterday since Tommy was out and we got some good skating and passing drills. Scrimmage was three-on-three half ice with two goalies, which was a treat. I did not play my best, which I blame on not having my skates sharpened in way too long. Moving as fast as these morning scrimmages do, I need my edges working right. One day, on the way home this week, I will stop in at the rink and get sharpened so I’m good for next week.