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Dancing with the StarsSo You Think You Can DanceIt was a critical week for Dancing with the Stars as the semi-finals arrived after nine weeks. So You Think You Can Dance is still working its way towards the Top 10, which will get revealed at the end of next week’s show.

DWTS, Season 9 Week 9: Such a good pool of talent rolled into the semi-finals this week with Joanna, Donny, Mya and Kelly doing three dances–ballroom, Latin (which had to include a solo) and the 30 second knockout dance they’ve been working on. All of this had to be great, of course, since they were vying for the chance to appear in next week’s finals. Here’s the rundown on the celebs this week, in the order they performed:

  • Donny: Tango: Ouch. This wardrobe malfunction really hurt. Kym got caught in her dress and ripped in early and they both got their feet tangled in it a few times. It was sad because this dance looked like it was going to be awesome. Samba: Talk about getting your footing back. This number had some great 70s-esque moves in it and played to Donny’s strengths. He also had the best Latin solo of the night–good moves and used the floor very well. Knockout Jitterbug: High enregy and pretty precise too!
  • Joanna: Viennese Waltz: Magical and gorgeous! This was truly fairy tale pretty. I thought they were a little wonky looking on the stage, but once they got into the flow it was beautiful. Cha-cha: This was a wasted opportunity because the solo was only mediocre but she did shake it good. Knockout Salsa: This was a little too close to the same thing she’d just done with the cha-cha. I would’ve liked to have seen something different.
    Kelly, Louis and the Quickstep
  • Kelly had the best week ever and she really made the show for me! Rumba: She was so full of confidence here it gave me goosebumps. Her solo seemed too safe (and in the results show we found out she forgot the solo and made it up on the spot), but the moves that game right after the solo were stunning. Quickstep: Way to go Louis. I think this was the best Quickstep of the year and Kelly did it so excellently. She did flub the footwork once, but recovered and made this awesome. Knockout Cha-cha: This was fast, fun and cute.
  • Mya: Waltz: This was awesome. She performed this without looking plastic and the choreography was just perfect. Salsa: Something about the start of this didn’t work for me and I thought the solo, while full of moves, didn’t use the stage enough. Even with that, it was still solid (though maybe not quite the 10s some judges gave it). Knockout Cha-cha: I wish this had been longer, that was 30 seconds of a fabulous complex routine.

Of course I was sad to see Joanna go (okay, of course I was more sad to see Derek go). But I have no qualms about who is left in for the finals. I think next week is going to be full of amazing dances. Ultimately I think Mya will win, but I’m really pulling for Kelly!

One note on the results show: What the heck was that “Under Pressure” video? That was just weird and lame. Also, why couldn’t Fergie show up and perform the number from Nine? That would’ve made it even better. Lastly, who was the pro that preformed in the Bee Gees song that isn’t part of the regular DWTS troupe? These people need to be identified…and he needs to come back  becuase he was hot.

SYTYCD, Season 6 Top 14: Thanks to the DVR eating two segments of the show, I didn’t get to see everything this week. The Foxtrot from Russell & Noelle and the Broadway number from Kevin & Karen were lost. From what I could see in the recaps, Russell & Noelle looked like they had a great number and I’d wish I’d seen it. Kevin & Karen however looked not so watchable and I’m glad I missed it. Here’s what I did see:

  • Jakob & Ashleigh rocked the house again with a Tabitha & Napoleon hip hop number. These two can do no wrong. They told the story of this couple on the verge of a break up and performed some fierce moves. Ashleigh was especially impressive as she cast off her ballroom persona and went for the hip hop. It’s been cool that in four weeks as this couple has gone from courtship to wedding to whatever you want to call what they did with the cane last week to cheating this week.
  • Ryan & Ellenore were stunning with a Travis Wall contemporary piece. I’m glad they got something they could be solid in to keep out of the bottom three. Travis, of course, did a very moving piece about another couple on the verge of a breakup. With Mia Michaels gone from the show, I’m glad Travis is here to carry on her style of dance.
  • Legacy & Kathryn did a good Paso Doble. I was surprised the judges weren’t more harsh with Legacy. While he was quite good, every now and then he looked awkward with his moves.
  • Nathan & Mollee got pop jazz this week. I thought Nathan redeemed  himself well from the failings of last week, especially since this piece let him relay on his contemporary style. Mollee though seemed out of her element and I wondered if the judges and I watched the same dance. I was hoping she’d managed to get eliminated this week so Nathan could get a new partner.
  • Victor & Channing got a fun jazz piece from Tyce in which they were blackbirds. Victor really excelled at this piece, but I agree with the judges that he needs to become more extraordinary very soon.

In the results show, Kevin and Channing were sent home. I’m thrilled Kevin is gone since I’ve been ready for him to go since Top 20. Channing was more surprising, but I’m good with that. I’m looking forward to Victor & Karen dancing together next week becuase I think that could be a really successful pairing. Another shout out from the results show: the Wade Robson jazz number that opened the show was amazing! I would show it here, but I currently can’t find a clip for it.