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So You Think You Can DanceAs hard as it was to to loose two people going into the Top 10 last week, it was more difficult to watch two more leave the competition this week because, with the exception of one performance, So You Think You Can Dance hit it out of the park this week.

The dancers were put through their paces this week. New couples were everywhere as the girls drew guy’s names from a hat. All the couples had to do two dances, plus everyone had a solo (not to mention the group dance for the results show). Crazy for them, but great for the home audience. Here’s the recap:

  • Ryan & Noelle: Tabitha and Napoleon created a hot Lyrical Hip-Hop number for these two. At times it reminded me a bit much of “Bleeding Love” from two seasons ago (and that’s not a bad thing). Noelle really came to life here and Ryan nailed it too. Their Smooth Waltz was pure magic. They could’ve been a Disney prince and princess. This was one of the best numbers of the night.
  • Legacy & Ashleigh: These two did the most physically demanding Contemporary number I’ve ever seen. It looked to me like a fusion between Contemporary and Hip-Hop as they jumped, bounded, fell, posed, turned and all sorts of other moves. Somehow they made it look effortless. Another “best number of the night” dance. Sadly these two also had the clunky number for the evening too with a Dave Scott Hip-Hop number that just didn’t work for anyone, most especially Legacy who couldn’t seem to get comfortable with the cape. I don’t think the dancers are to blame for this one being bad, they danced what they got… but what they got just wasn’t good enough.
  • Nathan & Kathryn: These two were an awesome pairing. The Broadway routine was smooth and spot on for character. The judges didn’t like their Rumba, done to Aretha Franklin’s version of “Walk on By.” I thought it worked great with their characterizations mirroring the song’s message.
  • Jakob & Ellenore: These two started off with Quickstep that was one of the best I’ve seen on this show. Neither is a ballroom dancer, but they took to this number and rocked it, even throwing in a bit of tap and some great jumps. Their second dance, a Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece, was the number of the night and one of the best of the season. It was an ideal showcase for both of them–Jakob’s amazing contemporary power and Ellenore’s quirkiness. It was stunning, goosebump making perfection.
  • Russell & Mollee: This was another pairing that was great to see formed as I think Russell helped Mollee a lot. The Lyrical Jazz piece was beautiful. Russell continues to impress in styles that are not his own and Mollee was a revelation here. I’ve not been much of a fan of hers, but she came to the forefront this week and I was very impressed. Their Jive was also great high energy fun.

I don’t talk much about the solos usually becuase I find them to be a bit of fluff. But two stood out this week. Nathan’s piece was amazing as he left everything on the floor. You could really see him pouring everything he had into it and, rather than coming off as gimmicky or flashy, it was an emotional, soul stirring routine. It’s the only time I can think of in watching this show that I wanted to see more than 30 seconds of a solo… I wanted to see what came next. Jakob, of course, also crafted a great piece for himself too. I can watch this boy dance anytime, anywhere becuase he moves his body so well.

As I said, it was a rough week for eliminations becuase it was all so good. I voted mostly for Nathan, due to his solo, and also for Jakob. To see Noelle and Nathan leave was sad because they’d both had such good night’s on Tuesday. But, it did have to be someone. I think the next couple Wednesday’s, heading down to the final four, or going to be very difficult.

The highlight of the results show was seeing The LXD, or The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. AMAZING! Will posted the trailer for their upcoming web series and that along with their SYTYCD performance will have me in front of the computer when the series begins in 2010. Check this out: