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WizardsIt was a highly competitive game last night between the Wizards and the Sled Dogs. Regulation play ended with the teams tied 2-2. Five minutes of overtime didn’t change the score so we got down to a shootout.

It was a controversial call that ended the game. Peter gloved the third shot from one of the Sled Dogs and the ref seemed to have called “no goal.” He got up from the butterfly and the momentum caused the puck to jump out of the glove and drop into the net. The ref then called that a goal saying there was continuous movement on Peter’s part. Really? Oh well, it’s all down to his call. You do have to wonder though if he just wanted the shoot out to end becuase with Peter in our net and Mitch subbing for the Sled Dogs, the shoot out could’ve go one for a while.

It was still a good game though. We had a short bench, only 9 skaters, but we played pretty hard. We got a little worn out early in the third but we shook that off pretty well and kept going. I moved up to a wing position for the third period so that the forward  lines could be evenly balanced. I did okay at wing, making some decent clears and playing position in front of the net well with even a couple shots on goal. My defensive play was solid last night with no goals going in on my watch. I also had a couple shots on goal from my defensive position. Sadly, Mitch wasn’t giving up anything to me.

Ronnie’s Ice was extremely good yesterday. Only 8 skaters total plus Tommy in goal. The drills were good, focusing a lot on passing, shooting and  board work. The scrimmage was three-on-three half ice and I scored four goals–two from the blueline and two from crashing the net. If only I could’ve translated that to the Wizards game, even for one goal. I also broke my RBK 5K stick during the board work drills. I’ve been sensing it coming for a while now and it finally fell apart as I was playing a winger trying to get past a defensemen. So I’ve ordered up a couple new sticks since I quite like those and I ordered new gloves too since mine have become quite holey in the palm.

Tonight’s going to be a  blast. The Red Wings are in town to play the Rangers and I’m going with Gregg (another huge Red Wings fan). LET’S GO RED WINGS!