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So You Think You Can DanceIncredible! As good as the top 10 show was last week, So You Think You Can Dance topped itself as the top 8 performed. This week they all had to do three dances again–two couples dances and one solo.

Injuries abound this week too. Over the weekend Napoleon and Tabitha broke the news on their Twitter feed (@NAPPYTABS) that Ellenore was injured with a torn rotator cuff. Luckily she got back in action the day the show taped. However, that same day, Ashleigh got hurt and wasn’t allowed to dance even though she wanted to. That left Russell dancing with his choreographer’s assistants.

Here’s the rundown of the couple’s dance this week:

  • Kathryn & Ryan: They started the night with super fun disco. I always like disco on this show becuase it showcases the fun so much. Their second number was a cha cha that, even though the judges loved it, left me flat. It was fine and all, but it just didn’t strike me as top eight worth. In fact, I had a hard time identifying it as a cha cha at all.
  • Mollee & Jakob: Their first number was the Viennese Waltz. This was beautiful from start to finish. The characterizations were perfect, the song choice was perfect and the choreography was spot on. The performance reduced me to an emotional mess. This likely propels Mollee into the finals and just further solidifies Jakob as the boy who can do no wrong. For their second number they did some Broadway which was quite serviceable, but couldn’t top my joy over their Waltz.
  • Ellenore & Legacy: These two had a smokin’ good night. Their Travis Wall-choreographed  contemporary routine cast them as spies out to kill each other. I agree with Nigel that this might be the most dangerous routine ever. The work these two did on the table could have easily hurt them but it what it was was an incredibly complex and awesome number. Next up these two did a NappyTabs hip-hop number where they were aliens. It was very weird for a NappyTabs number, but it was quirky cool and I loved it (as I usually do for their numbers).
  • Ashleigh & Russell: Or more accurately, Russell and other partners… First up was a hip-hop routine that was quite good. It had a good, raw quality that Russell worked good. Next up, Russell got to wear a big ol’ smile for a Bollywood number that was a fantastic way to close the show. Russell really stepped up to the plate and nailed the movements so well and he was so joyful during the dance  you couldn’t help but love it.

Among the solos, only one stood out from the crowd this week. Russell came out as Santa for a hip-hop-esque routine that was too cute for words. It was a nice innovation we don’t see so much in solos. One other notable moment was Ryan campaigning for people to call in for Ashleigh instead of promotion his own number. It was very touching. Well done, Ryan.

Ahead of the elimination tonight I’m going with Ryan and Kathryn to be cut. I think Ashleigh will get a major sympathy vote and get into the finals. Meanwhile, Ellenore is the perfect girl and Mollee has really started to peak in the competition so I think they are safe.  Among the boys, even though they are all great, I think Ryan will be the one who gets cut. Jakob is too perfect to go and Russell and Legacy are so good, have grown so much and have great personalities I just don’t see them getting cut.

Results update: Well, how wrong did I get that. Legacy and Mollee eliminated. I’m surprised, but not disappointed. Next week’s finale has six great dancers and, honestly, the fact that Ryan and Ashleigh will likely get to dance together is very cool.

Two other results show notes: The opening group dance was weird, and not in a good way. I usually like Sonya numbers, but that just failed for me. I’m glad I finally got to hear a song from Kris Allen’s new album. Pretty good song, but not enough to make me go to iTunes and buy the album either.

Next week the fall TV Dance-a-poolza comes to end with the two part finale–final performance for an hour on Tuesday night and the two hour grand finale on Wednesday.