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TigersWizardsLast night was a challenging night of hockey. I actually knew that going into the night. The Tigers were slated to me the Scapegoats, a team we’ve never beaten, and the Wizards were against the top team, the number one team in the division.

Both games turned into loosing ones.

The Tigers started off strong, picking up the first goal against the Scapegoats, but then very quickly the opposition turned up the heat and the Tigers ended up with a 6-3 loss. While the Scapegoats are a solid team, dominating Division 8, we played on the sloppy side. Captain Bob got that under control with a well-timed time out in the second period. After that we only gave up one other goal, but the damage was already done to the scoring. For me, on the upside of the night, was an assist on a goal that Matt got. I lead a offensive breakaway in the third and while my shot didn’t go in, I picked up the puck behind the net and fed it up to Matt for the goal. Yay us!

The Wizards met a similar fate later in the night. The Moose came at us quick and powerful–rampaging you might say. Again, we had our own issues early in the game by not playing our usually passing game as much as we should’ve. But even that course correction couldn’t overcome the fact that the Moose is a really solid team. We ended up loosing with a score of 7-2. I played okay here, although I did make some bad pinching choices from time-to-time, getting a little too aggressive in trying to keep the puck in the offensive zone instead of backing off and looking to just break up the play. That led to some 2-on-1s and 3-on-1s that ultimately resulted in goals against. I did, on the other hand, play goalie for a few seconds while Peter was out of the net trying to play the puck and stopped a goal from happening.

The Ordinals played Saturday too, but at the same time as the Wizards so I didn’t get to play there. The good news is they won against the Wild Turkeys!

Next week is the last week for league play in 2009 and I’ll get to play in both the Tigers and Wizards games. The game split will keep me out of the much earlier Ordinals game.