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I wrapped up the first draft of the short story that takes place inside of a So You Think You Can Dance-style show. I’m glad it’s finally out of my head as it was making it difficult to do anything else creative. It took longer than I expected, but I had trouble with one of the scenes and got stuck for a few days. I’m going to work on getting it revised/edited and then shop it around since this story is not in response to any particular submission call. It was just something I needed to write.

Nerdvana (Edited by Fred Towers | ISBN: 1934187577) is finally fully available! I got the STARbooks newsletter in my email box yesterday afternoon and there it was. You can check it out on the Starbooks site. You can also pick up the paperback and Kindle versions on I hope to find my author copy in the mailbox soon so I can check out the other stories.