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It was a cold, very cold as in wind chill was 1, night and yet both the Ordinals and the Wolfpack managed to have decent-sized benches for the late game last night. Unfortunately the number one Ordinals couldn’t eek out a win against the sixth place Wolfpack.

We lost 5-2.

We were looking pretty good in the first, but by mid-second and into the third we weren’t quite moving as fast as we should and the Wolfpack put away a couple quick goals and that sealed our fate for the evening.

I was pleased with my game for the evening. I had only one goal happen while I was on the ice and that was an empty netter that happened with less than a minute to go. I did have some good defensive things going on otherwise. The best of the lot (which would make my highlight reel if I had one) was a poke check I made right on our offensive blueline. One of the Wolfpack was about to take the puck out and begin an offensive rush and I skated right along the  blueline with him keeping us on-sides and I made a well-placed poke check to knock it deeper in to one of our players.

I did skip out on Ronnie’s in the morning. It ended up at 8am instead of 6 and I didn’t want to face a repeat of the Christmas week crowd. Ronnie’s slides back to 5 next week and more good times will be had to be sure. In addition, with the holiday season past, all three teams are in play next week so I’m looking forward to that as well.