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To say that last night’s games were  a mess is being kind. All three teams lost: Tigers to Sled Dogs, Ordinals to Knights and Wizards to Rumblefish.

The best effort of the three games was the Ordinals game, which was high competitive and close with a score of 5-3. It’s always fun playing the Knights because we’re pretty evenly matched, the game isn’t chippy and it could go either way. Last night it was all for the Knights. I played D for a while, but ultimately moved into a wing slot. It was pretty fun playing up. I don’t normally like wing, but it was kinda fun and there were scoring chances that just didn’t convert.

The Tigers game earlier was my worst. The Sled Dogs are also a fun team to play for the same reasons the Knights are. Unfortunately, the Sled Dogs had our number last night and capitalized on it as we lost 9-5. My defensive game was a disaster. I’m not sure what was up, but it was not me at my best. Some decent moves, but mostly not. The worst, and kind of the funniest, was twice poking the puck off of opposing players only to pass it up to Jason and instead of the puck hitting his stick so he could take it, it deflected off his shin guard right onto the stick of a Sled Dogs player who popped it right into the net. * Sigh *

I’m not sure what happened in the Wizards game, but it was bad from all sides as we lost 7-1 to the Rumblefish. I did okay here, but it still wasn’t me at my best.

Hopefully next week I’ll bring a better D game to the Tigers and Wizards (no Ordinals for me next week as it’s at the same time as the Wizards game).

Ronnie’s was fun as it was back at 5am, so it was down to the core group. Laurie also made her first appearance since the puck-in-the-foot incident. She skated for a while on the other rink and then on the half of the rink we weren’t using for scrimmage. It was great to have her back on the ice. It was the first step towards being able to play again. I played much better here than I did in the evening, scoring twice in the scrimmage and playing D like a sort of knew I was doing.