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I’d hoped I would ride through most of December and then mostly not ride January, February and into March. But, December got nasty fast. I rode most of the first week but after that the temperature dropped and it got snowy and rainy (and even when it was actively snowing or raining there was slush and ice around) I was off the bike for the rest of the month.

Now, I am a winter person, so it’s odd for me to say that I’m ready for spring. In this case, however, I am definitely ready becuase I want to be back on my bike for rides to work, rides to the rink and whatever else I want to ride to. I did pump up my tires this weekend (they’d become a little squishy in the off month) becuase we’ve had some slightly warmer weather lately that I could’ve gone out in. Admittedly the squishy tires made me unable to just pick up and go. At least with the tires properly inflated I’ll be able to just go the next time the weather is right.

Meanwhile, I’m considering taking a bold new ride challenge for fall: the Braking the Cycle ride from Boston to NYC. That’s about 300 miles. The ride takes place over three days, September 24-26, so I’d ride about 100 miles per day. This adds up to be about 25 round trips to work, so five weeks of commuting done in three days.

I learned about this ride from Rich, who I met on Twitter (@richardmonreal). He rides, he runs and after following each other for a couple months we started talking more. He mentioned this ride and it sounded like a good, challenging event. Over the next few weeks I’ll figure out if I’m going to go for it so that I can start doing longer rides and training. If I decide to do it, I’ll be hitting up my blog, Facebook and Twitter audiences for donations since the ride benefits the HIV/AIDS services of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of New York.

More on this to come as I figure out if I think I can pull this off…