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Another week of winning with both the Tigers and Ordinals putting points in the win column.

The Tigers went against the Great Whites and came out winning with a score of 4-1. Like last week, we played a solid game on both offense and defense. While it wasn’t another shutout, we did a good job of controlling the game from beginning to end.

Meanwhile, the Ordinals played against the Wild Turkeys and posted a 9-7 win. It was sort of a sloppy game on both sides. I know from the bench we were often wondering how we could allow so many goals and I suspect the Turkeys must have felt the same way. The good news was the we came out slightly ahead and managed to finish the game in regulation instead of having to move into overtime.

I was pleased with my play in both games. I will say the Tigers was the better of the two, even though I was on the ice for the goal against and that it was something I should’ve been more aggressive at stopping. I needed to step up on the shooter just a bit more to force him sooner than I did. Maybe it still would’ve been a goal, but I feel I could’ve done more to stop it. For the Ordinals I was on the ice for a few goals, but it was still a good game. The Turkeys are fast and sometimes, despite best efforts they got by and pucks went in the net.

Ronnie’s was difficult in the morning. As I left the house the wind chill was 2… pretty brutal cold. It was, of course, super cold in the rink because of the outside temperature and my asthma, even with drugs, was not in a good place. There were different drills, with Ronnie running the practice since Tommy was away, and I had to keep considering my breathing and how it was doing. The scrimmage was rough too, especially right after I’d have to pour on energy and then try to get my breath back. But, it was worth it for the good time and two hours on the ice.

Next week, only one league game as the Wizards come back from two bye weeks.