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After losing seven in a row, the Wizards finally turned it around last night posting a 2-0 win against the Snowmen. It was great to have the Wizards be on the winning side of a game after so many losses, some of which had been close overtime losses.

Last night’s win gives the wizards a record of 3-5-3 with six games left in the season. I hope this is a turning point for us because it would be nice to end the season with a lot more in the win column.

Earlier in the evening, the Tigers has a sloppy game against the Sled Dogs. We lost 5-1 and it’s the first loss for us after three wins. The team we lost to last: the Sled Dogs. Interestingly the score differential was the same–back in January we lost 9-5. So much was off for  us last night–throwing pucks away, positioning that was off, some fundamentals missing. I suspect we’ll shake this loss quickly and come roaring back for the final five games of the season.

My play was mixed yesterday. I was a disaster in the morning for Ronnie’s Ice. I ended up spending last week mostly sedentary and it showed with some bad movement, poor choices and errors all over the place. After Ronnie’s I went to the gym and stretched myself out and did some cardio. Despite being in a fairly foul mood last night, I did put together some pretty good games.

In the Tigers game I had a couple of rushes, which unfortunately didn’t convert into goals. My defense was also pretty solid with just a couple of errors that made me want to bang my head against the boards. In the Wizards game I think I played even better. I worked well with Peter to prevent a couple of goals, including one that was very much too close for comfort. But I did mess up a couple of other things, including a really bad pass reception from Jim, that luckily didn’t cause any disasters.

Next week there’s Ronnie’s in the morning (sadly the 5am sessions are done within the next couple weeks) and a lone game at night with the Tigers (unfortunately the Wizards game is at the same time as the Tigers, so I only get the one).