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With just over 24 hours before the submission deadline, I sent in my story for the “Necking” anthology. This was a challenging story to write. I put a supernatural twist on it and nearly went insane keeping all the characters/pronouns in place since there are three guys together for the entire last half of the story. I had to make sure it was always clear who “he” was.

I’ve come  up with a new use for the Kindle. Since it has built in audio capability, I have it read stories to me as part of the final editing phase. It’s great to be able to hear the words to make sure everything sounds good. It also allows me to hear things that, due to some mild dyslexia, I miss when reading on screen or paper. The “Necking” story was the second story I’ve done this with and it’s going to become part of my standard revising process going forward.

Of course I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of the new story. My fingers are, of course, crossed for an acceptance.