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It was a rough and disappointing night for the Wizards as the team’s playoff quest became all the more difficult. In the meeting with the Thundercats, the Wizards came away with their fourth overtime loss of the season in a game where we held the lead in for the vast majority of the time.

The game slipped away in the third period as our three point lead got whittled away and the Thundercats tied the game with less than 30 seconds to go. In the five minute overtime, they put away the winning goal before half of the time elapsed. It was a disappointing end to the game. Where the Thundercats stepped up their game, we didn’t seem to do the same with ours. Plus, we had a very difficult time shutting down one of their key players (I think this one player scored 4 of their seven).

My own game for the Wizards was mediocre at best. There were moments of good play, but what really sticks out from last night were the mistakes. Too many breakaways were allowed, some of which converted into goals. I had one whiffed clear right at our defensive blue line that the Thundercats capitalized on. I was also on the ice for the final goal against during OT. I tried to step up on the guy, but he got around me and got through the other D to take a couple shots on the goalie and one of those went in.

It was disappointing all around.

Ronnie’s Ice was good, of course. It was great to get back on the ice after last week’s forced layoff. The drills were good and the scrimmage was a lot of fun. I played with some solid folks and shifted back and forth between forward and defense because we had a pretty fluid thing going on which was a cool way to play. I did have to call out one of my linemates for tossing out the word “fag” on the ice. I had a private side conversation about that letting him know that I was gay and didn’t appreciate that language. He, of course, apologized. Hopefully he’ll take that to heart and not use that language again since I showed that you never know who is listening.

In other news… The Ordinals wrapped up their season last night, although I didn’t play (I never got word that they needed alternates even though I said I was available).  It looks like they’ll go through to playoffs. Next week Tigers and Wizards play and I expect to be in both of those.