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Just one point. That’s what last night’s games came down to for both teams. The Tigers lost by one in overtime and the Wizards lost by one in regulation.

The Tigers played a good game against the Great White with a final score of 7-6 (at least I’m pretty sure that was the final score). On the scoring side it was the Adam and Soren show, but even with six goals in our favor we still allowed seven goals against.

I had a lot of fun with this game, despite the score. Will was at the game and it was good to give a game that had a lot of scoring and some overtime drama. I felt good in this game, with some nice defense along with a couple of offensive rushes. (Yes, I like to look good on the ice for Will since he doesn’t come all that often and I think I did pretty good in that regard.)

The Wizards met up with the Blizzard and this was a 2-1 loss for us. I was happy with how we held up against the #2 ranked Blizzard. It was a hard fought game on both sides and it was good to see such a low, tight score. I had more defensive errors in this game, particular one pinching moment that was ill-advised. I knew it was bad when I started on it, and yet I did it anyway. Maybe next time I’ll listen to that voice that says not to be stupid. I also learned not to run into Frey. It seemed like a good idea and it did slow him down for a second, but it was like slamming into a  brick wall.

The regular season ends next week with Tigers and Wizards both playing.