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The regular season ended last night with the Wizards winning and the Tigers losing.

The Wizards put up a great game against the Snowmen and won 4-2. After the bumpy season we’ve had, it was good to end with a win. I felt really good in this game, probably one of the best (if not the best) game I’ve played in the fall season. I had solid focus, mostly made the right choices and was able to pretty successful stop the opposition.

I did have one huge problem… and it caused the Snowmen’s second goal. I was battling for the puck in a corner, got control of it but then wiffed on the clear. I would’ve been okay if the wiff had meant the puck didn’t go anywhere, but I wiffed in a way that put it right on the opposition’s stick. He shot, he scored. I was pissed.

The Tigers had issues against the Polar Bears, largely because we didn’t have a goalie (Tom thought the game was at 11:30 instead of 10). Gregg stepped into net but since he was scheduled to play defense he didn’t have his goalie gear with him. At least he knows how to play the position, which is more than you can say for the rest of the Tigers skaters. The fact that we only lost 3-0 shows how solidly we played. Defense was tight, Gregg held up well, forwards helped forecheck. And we did that even with the bears having two of their D7 players.

Sadly we couldn’t get a puck past Jane in the Polar Bears net despite a fair bit of offensive pressure. I have to hand it to our forwards. They did a great job keeping the puck in while the D played very conservatively in our goalie-less state.

The game was fun and, best of all, didn’t affect the playoff standings at all. The outcome simply didn’t matter. The Tigers couldn’t move from third and the Bears couldn’t move from fourth.

Next week there is not league hockey for the Easter weekend. I’ll have to skip Ronnie’s too (unless it rains) because I have a Braking the Cycle training ride. Luckily there’s a NYCGHA scrimmage on Sunday night.

Playoffs start for the Ordinals and Tigers on April 10.