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A huge mistake was made on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Before I even get into the dance analysis I’ll say I’m very disappointed that Shannen and Pam ended up in the bottom two. How America can keep Kate on the show is beyond me. Not only was her dancing terrible (I thought she deserved lower scores than Buzz’s fours), but the way she treated Tony was despicable. Even in a contest where personality can win the day, she should lose pretty quick. I was hoping Shannen would stick around. She improved so much this week that it’s sad that she won’t get to continue dancing for her father while such a talentless, mean person remains.

Here’s a look at all of Monday’s dances:

  • Shannen & Mark (Jive): Wow, no idea until the end of the results show that Mark was hurt. He danced that Jive like the pro he is. Shannen did a great job for week two, especially with the difficulty of the dance. She did need more control on her kicks. Sadly we’ll never know how well she might have done in future weeks.
  • Aiden & Edyta (Foxtrot): Here’s someone whose dancing ability should get them eliminated. His musicality lacked and he was lumbering around the floor again. I felt bad he got hit in the head twice, but he needs to get the choreography down better to avoid that.
  • Evan & Anna (Jive): Impressive! Evan used those long legs to great advantage in the jive doing some great kicks. Loved his energy and sharpness.
  • Nicey & Louis (Foxtrot): Absolutely gorgeous. My favorite foxtrot of the night. I loved her slightly sassy attitude mixed with a big dose of graceful. I thought this was underscored by all the judges.
  • Jake & Chelsie (Jive): Chelsie really got Jake fired up this week. Where he was flat-footed last week, he was up and moving this week. A solid jive with great energy and character for week two.
  • Buzz & Ashley (Foxtrot): I was hoping something slower would work better for Buzz. While he was completely charming, the dancing ability was lacking. In the same way I said Jake should never use roses again, Buzz should never have to deal with a moonscape again. It’s too much of a cheap gimmick.
  • Nicole & Derek (Jive): Here was the jive of the night. So crisp, kinetic and precise. Deserving of the 10s it got. This number made me regret all the more that I didn’t see Derek when he was in Burn the Floor for those few days earlier this year.
  • Erin & Maks (Foxtrot): Erin is really delightful. She played the princess oh so well. I’m loving the chemistry between her and Maks.
  • Pam & Damian (Foxtrot): I loved the Marylin Monroe number and, again, I can’t understand how she ended up in the bottom two. Her musicality and movement was so good here. Hopefully she’ll do something to get more voters on her side so we can continue to see her improve on the dance floor.
  • Chad & Cheryl (Foxtrot): What a disaster after a decent start last week. Chad was stiff, had no musicality, no character and zero confidence. His tweets from yesterday showed how upset he was by the judges comments, and yet he deserved everything they said. He deserved to go home far more than Shannen did.
  • Kate & Tony (Jive): Her dance was the worst of the night. I’m not sure how the judges scored her even a point higher than Buzz and her attitude is just offensive. Get her off the show and save Tony from having to deal with her.

Results Show: I already covered the big news up top with the elimination, so let’s talk about the rest of the show. I loved the big pro number… That was just plain hot! I’m curious when the Beach Boys started sounding so bad…that was painful. Macy’s Stars of Dance was great! Adam Corolla was not great (please, stop making us watch the painful comics give recaps).