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Another disappointing week in the ballroom as the person with the least appeal on Dancing with the Stars was saved to dance another week. I don’t think I’ve against anyone on this show like I am against Kate. She can’t dance. Her personality is toxic. I don’t understand why we must watch this disaster week after week (thank God for fast forward on the DVR). Buzz has personality and delivers inspiration with entertainment so I was sad to see him go instead of Kate.

Luckily there was plenty of good stuff going on this week to counterbalance the ongoing disappointment of Kate. The criteria that every dance had to have a story was an excellent idea (please repeat this in the future). Here’s the rundown of this week’s dances.

  • Evan & Anna (Quickstep): Well done! Once again Evan comes out strong with a great dance. I’m amazed he’s got footwork issues since he’s so strong in footwork with skating, but they are there. Hopefully Anna can get him sharper in the next week or two.
  • Buzz & Ashley (Waltz): Glad the gimmicks were gone this week. It was a very sweet and good performance. Unfortunately, Buzz continues to be challenged with the technique.
  • Jake & Chelsie (Quickstep): Chelsie delivered great fun with this “Walk Like An Egyptian” number. Jake had some footwork issues, but the piece was very entertaining and his best dance yet.
  • Nicey & Louis (Waltz): What a wonderful story showcasing the past for some people and the current times for others. I got goosebumps from the story and the performance. I wish the footwork was better so the dance could have received higher scores.
  • Chad & Cheryl (Paso Doble): I’m tired of Chad. His dances aren’t that good and his personality is grating–one or the other needs to change. He mostly walked through this paso while Cheryl did the dancing.
  • Pam & Damian (Paso Doble): Pam nailed the attitude here and moved her body well (completely agreed with Carrie Anne on that). This was the best paso of the night (thank goodness one of three entertained me since this is my favorite style). It needed to be sharper in technique, but not doubt Pam is making great progress. Glad to see she wasn’t in bottom two this week.
  • Aiden & Edyta (Quickstep): Aiden’s best dance so far. He actually showed signs of musicality. His starts into some of the fast movements were a little too slow, but overall this was an improvement.
  • Erin & Maks (Waltz): This was my favorite dance of the night. It was beautiful, graceful, elegant. Maks did fantastic choreography and Erin is really coming into her own as a dancer. I disagreed on Len’s remark about a lack of waltz content.
  • Kate & Tony (Paso Doble): I think I’ve already made my position on this clear.
  • Nicole & Derek (Quickstep): A fantastic number…very MGM musical. Great energy, fantastic choreography. But the first note I took about this was that it didn’t have enough quickstep content. Sure enough all three judges nailed them on it. I’m surprised at how high Bruno and Carrie Anne scored it given that comment too. Still, for entertainment value, this rocked.

Results Show Notes: The pros were out in force this week. The two Reba numbers were not only good songs, but featured great dances. The paso doble from Chelsie and Derek was the highlight of the entire week. Strong and fierce–everything a paso should be. This is a dance that is going into my DVD archives.