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The Tigers Fall 2009 Season ended last night with a 9-1 loss to second place Scapegoats.

We opened the game well with Adam scoring the first goal within the first couple minutes, but that turned out to be the only goal despite several offensive rushes.

We’ve only beaten the Scapegoats once and that was a hard fought victory. I really thought we had a chance to pull it off this time. It felt like we played well. The Scapegoats were able to capitalize on every mistake we made and make the most of their own opportunities.

In the end I found the game to be a good time, despite the loss. It would’ve been a more worthy end to a good Tigers season if the score had been a bit closer. Oh well… there’s always next fall!

It’s possible there could be a bit more hockey in this season since I don’t know the outcome of the Ordinals game from Saturday night (they took on the Blizzard). If that’s done, then it’s Ronnie’s Ice and maybe some Saturday Night Scrimmage until the new season starts May 1.