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Yes there’s some chaos going on my life this week (see the Twitter feed if you need details), but Dancing with the Stars was on and I was able to watch. It’s a bit of an abbreviated post this week though, so let’s get right to it. I loved movie week. It was a great idea to use all songs from movies and I liked how a lot of the choreographers included elements from the films.

Here’s a quick look at what I liked tonight:

The dance of the night belonged to Nicole & Derek with a sexy tango done to “Pretty Woman” from Pretty Woman.  This was sleek, stylish, sexy and spot on. I’m not sure why Len failed to give it a 10.  Erin & Maks were fabulous with a jive from Pulp Fiction that was wonderful to watch. I felt Carrie Anne and Len both underscored this very excellent dance, which I thought was her best yet. I continue to love Nicey & Louis and the jive to “La Bamba” was also her best dance yet. I loved seeing her get to shake her curves. Yes her footwork got a little off, but she sold that performance. Pam & Damian hit all the right steps with their “9 to 5” quickstep. I have to give another “best-dance-yet” award to this one as I thought she took last week’s great performance and grew some more. Evan & Anna’s rumba was performed very well and I thought Evan executed it near perfect but I didn’t like the choreography very much.

Of course you know I’m rooting for Kate to get the boot as always. I think she and Chad will be bottom two this week.

Results Update: Let’s all do the happy dance about Kate finally being gone. It was awesome seeing her get put in bottom two at the top of the show so she could stew about it all night in her woe-is me kind of way. I was stunned and saddened that Pam was also in the bottom two because that should’ve been Chad. The musical guests were good. It was particularly nice to see Maxwell. The Macy’s Stars of Dance moment was mixed for me. The first two pieces, especially the Saturday Night Fever sequence, were great. The Austin Powers section was good. I was disappointed with the Fame part. Debbie Allen uttered those Lydia Grant lines in the TV show, not the movie. She also didn’t play Grant in the remake of the film, which was the choreography and version of the song they used. Further, the remake of the film can hardly be called iconic (even the original film didn’t have a dance sequence you can point to and call iconic).

Next week is a two dance week with the regular solo performance and then a dance marathon. Hopefully it will be the week that Chad goes home because he’s next on my hit list.