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It’s that time in the competition where everyone has to do two dances on Dancing with the Stars. Each celebrity had to do a Samba or an Argentine Tango and then everyone was on the floor at the same time for a Swing marathon.

It was a weird night. It usually happens where I’ll disagree with one judge on a dance, but there were times tonight I disagreed with everyone. Granted, maybe I don’t have all the knowledge of the technical side but I do know what I like to see. Tonight that was at odds with the judges far more than usual.

Here’s a run down of tonight’s dances:

  • Jake & Chelsie (Samba): That was a nasty trip on the stairs. Not sure why he keeps fumbling like that. Overall I liked the dance a lot. At times he had some really good lines going. I wish he’d gotten some samba rolls in though to add to the technical side.
  • Evan & Anna (Samba): Clearly I’m lacking an understanding of Samba rules and moves because I loved this dance. From a performance stand point I think it was one of Evan’s best. Yes, the judges put him through the ringer for it, but I still gave him a few of my votes for the week.
  • Nicey & Louis (Argentine Tango): This was her best dance yet. I loved the choreography. I loved the comedy bits. I loved how well she did the technical side of this routine. It was a perfect Nicey package. It wasn’t a 10, but I did think it deserved more than the 7s.
  • Erin & Maks (Samba): Erin’s best dance to date I think. She really moved great in this dance. I agree that if she’d some analyzing so much, she’d do even better.
  • Chad & Cheryl (Argentine Tango): I have not been a Chad fan, but this was a good dance. His leg flicks were good and he put the right amount of attitude into the dance. This was his best dance of the season.
  • Nicole & Derek (Samba): Hottest dance of the night! Wow. Yeah, Len was looking for some specific moves, but there was shakin’ and there were samba rolls. Best dance of the entire night for sure. Glad to see Carrie Ann and Bruno score it right.
  • Pam & Damian (Argentine Tango): I hate that she had those minor missteps because they kept her from getting some much needed higher scores to be safer from the evil red light. I liked the slow smolder of the dance, though I did wonder what it could’ve been with a touch more drama.

The Swing marathon was fun, but as usual it wasn’t shot very well and that makes it hard to offer an opinion. From what I could see, Chad needed to go out second. He was misstepping every time the camera was on him. I was stunned to see Evan go out so early. I loved that Pam lasted so long. And, of course, glad Nicole won it because she and Derek were doing some great stuff.

Results Update: Jake was no surprise in the bottom two and it was okay he went home, although I’d rather see Chad out. No matter how good his tango was last night, his swing marathon was a mess and I can’t stand his attitude. It was sad to see Nicey in the bottom. I hope she’s able to step up next week to be safe. Melissa Ethridge was a treat. I didn’t so much like the flamenco guitarist. ESPN’s Sport Science segment was among the best packages ever done in a results show. I’d love to see that make a return sometime, so much better than the tired DanceCenter or comedian segments.