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This was the best night of Dancing with the Stars season 10 so far. All of the dances were solid and entertaining and the team dances were executed far better than last week’s swing marathon. Of course in week 6 you expect the dances to be great. What’s odd about season 10, however, is that, even though this was the best week for dances so far, there hasn’t been anything breakout in the season. By this point I’ve usually saved at least a couple competition dances on DVD, but so far this season the only think I’ve saved is a couple of pro dances from results show nights.

This week the couples had their usual dance to do–this week it was Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Waltz or Argentine Tango. After that there were team Cha-Chas. I do like the team dance concept better than the marathons because in the teams it’s so much easier to see what the dancers are really doing.

Here’s this week look at the individual dances as well as the teams:

  • Erin & Maks (Quickstep): Erin’s tops herself again and delivers the best Quickstep of the season. There did seems to be a moment right at the start, after the clothes were changed, that she seemed out of step, but she got right back into it and the routine never lost its pace after that.
  • Chad & Cheryl (Viennese Waltz): Chad has had quite the turnaround in the past two weeks. I still don’t like his personality, but his dancing has improved tremendously. He executed the waltz very well and showed that he can actually be graceful. I think there were a couple footwork issues, but nothing too terrible. My biggest complaint was that the look on his face seemed to be stamped on there rather than showing some real emotion. I also hated that jacket… it just looked weird.
  • Nicole & Derek (Waltz): This was a magical, princess sort of routine. Derek delivered gorgeous choreography that they did perfectly together. I saw, as did the judges, some tiny footwork errors, but that didn’t take away from the overall beauty.
  • Pam & Damian (Waltz): This was a much calmer dance compared to Nicole’s just before. It was beautiful and Pam executed it very well. However, I felt her character was off a bit, she looked like she was sleepwalking through it.
  • Nicey & Louis (Quickstep): It was hard to see the footwork on this because of the dress Nicey wore. She was definitely moving right though and, given the scores, it would seem the judges had no problem with the footwork she put out there. It’s great to see Nicey continue to grow and become a stronger dancer.
  • Evan & Anna (Argentine Tango): Evan got a 30 and I don’t think he deserved it. I watched this number twice. Yes, Evan does a lot of things right, especially getting the attitude of the dance right. However, at the end of the day it was Anna who executed more of the leg work that make an Argentine Tango what it is. The choreography was great, I just wish the work had been more evenly balanced between the two.

On to the Cha-cha team dances:

  • Team Gaga (Pam, Chad, Nicole): The group sections of the number were good, even though they seemed out of sync a bit in the first 30 seconds. In her solo, Pam seemed to completely lose what she was supposed to be doing. That surprised and disappointed me. Chad had a solid solo. Nicole, of course, blew everyone away with her number. I’m with Len, I’m looking forward to her competition Cha-cha. The team ended up with 27. I expected lower because of Pam’s issues.
  • Team Madonna (Evan, Nicey, Erin): The group got out of sync a few times with each other, and it was more obvious than when Team Gaga had the same issues. Evan seemed to go more lyrical here again. He really such watch how Maks hits some of these dances and try to mimic that more. Nicey looked really good and Erin, of course, was lively and great in her solo. This team got a 24, which I thought was the right score for them.

Unfortunately, if I were picking someone to send home this week it would be Pam. She was off her game and with everyone else giving stronger dances I think it’s her time to go. My other bottom two contender is, unfortunately, Nicey. I don’t want her to be there, but I fear that’s the way it is going to turn out.

Results update: That was a surprising bottom two. I never expected Erin to be there. I admit it was great to see Nicey escape. Pam was also there and ultimately went home. I loved seeing Team Gaga’s dance again, with that Chelsie stepping in because Pam was injured. Macy’s Stars of Dance was awesome, highlighting a number from the Cirque de Soleil Viva Elvis show, which was choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance favorites Tabitha and Napoleon. That’s one Crique show I’d like to see!