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Another week with ballroom and latin rounds and some odd judges scores in my opinion. This was also the week all the stars had to do solos within their latin dances. I like when it comes to that because it’s a chance to see what they can do when no pros are around. Luckily most of them held up very well under the solo scrutiny.

Here’s a look at how the four remaining competitors did in the semi-final week:

  • Erin & Maks (Viennese Waltz): I love the Viennese Waltz. It’s one of the most beautiful ballroom dances with the fluidity and rises and falls. This fell woefully short for me. It was choppy. It was clear Erin was nervous. Frankly Maks choreography didn’t do much for me either. I’m stunned it got a 28. (Paso Doble) Luckily Erin redeemed herself in my eyes with a solid paso. It wasn’t her best dance ever, but at least it was semi-final good. I did find it odd to have to do a solo in a paso since it’s so much about the point and counter-point. Here it looked awkward.
  • Nicole & Derek (Argentine Tango): Best Argentine Tango I’ve ever seen on this show. Derek produced stunning choreography and they danced it sublimely. The moves down the stairs were quite something and I loved all the flicks and kicks. A well deserved 30! (Cha Cha Cha): I agreed with Len that the solo on the chair wasn’t really cha cha cha material, but the rest of the dance was excellent. Watching these two shake their hips is oh so fun.
  • Chad & Cheryl (Waltz): This was better in every way over Erin’s waltz. Different styles, yes. But this had what Erin’s lacked: beautiful choreography and fluidity… a fluidity I didn’t know Chad was capable of. My only question here: Why did it look like he was wearing pajamas? (Samba): I loved it. I thought his solo was very good… and I was expecting him to be at a loss without Cheryl nearby. Overall a very good performance. I’m surprised it was scored so low. It was far better than 24.
  • Evan & Anna (Foxtrot): Look at Evan finally spring to life. I think this is the first time he’s looked happy during a dance. It was great to see him emotionally engaged in a dance that doesn’t require a blank or serious face. Technically it was darn good too. (Paso Doble) Wow! Great number to close out the evening. Evan had the best in-style solo too. Kudos to Anna for really nailing what the solo was supposed to be, even in a paso. This is my favorite paso of the season. Full of sharp moves and good drama.

Results Show: Coming out of the performance show, I really thought Erin was going to go home. She lost points in my eyes last night and it looked like Chad peaked at just the right time with two great numbers. I also figured Chad had more of a fan base than Erin. I hope Erin brings it in the finals next week because I think Chad certainly would have.

I loved Jonathan and Anna performing with Sarah McLachlan. I hated the design-a-dance. It just looked like a mess–from the choreography to the costumes to the performance. It’s a shame that was under the Macy’s Stars of Dance banner. If that’s how America designs a dance, they shouldn’t be allowed that option again. Meanwhile in the college dance off the crew from Utah was absolutely fantastic!

My big wish now is to see superb freestyles next week. Nothing bonkers, but a good look at what Nicole, Evan and Erin have learned in the ballroom.