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The Wizards and Blizzard both failed to put up any goals and, therefore, ended up on the losing side of last night’s games.

The Wizards played first coming up against the Snowmen. The good news is that the Wizards played a better and more team oriented game this week. Unfortunately, even though we had a decent presence in the offensive zone, we simply could not pick up a goal.

It was a close game, only 2-0. The first goal was actually off of me. A high shot bounced off my glove and flew over Peter’s shoulder. Their second one came in the final minute as we had pulled the goalie and were trying to get a goal to tie it up. Overall, despite that first goal, I felt like I had a good game. I did the best I could keeping it in the offensive zone and taking care of penalty kills. I had a couple wiffs on the puck, but nothing that cost us. This was the second week I played with Jonathan as a D partner and I really enjoy that.

The Blizzard game was tremendous fun. I’ve really got into playing with this team in just three games. They play hard and have a good time while doing it. The Spiders were an odd team for me to play against because many Tigers and Polar Bears were there so it was a matter of playing against my friends. They played well do, dealing us a 3-0 loss. We simply could not get one in on goalie Jane.

I had fewer errors in this game than I did in the Wizards game. Only one goal happened while I was on the ice, and it was all on me because I left someone standing in the backdoor and the Spiders took advantage of that. I did generate offense, making a few rushes on the net that resulted in shots on net but no goals. I ended up with a beautiful pass too, from in front of her net, up and out of the defensive zone and right to one of our hangers in the neutral zone. He made a great run at the net, but his shot was also turned away.

Next week will have very limited hockey, with just Ronnie’s on tap as the Memorial Day weekend puts the league on hold.