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Talk about a perfect book to kick off summer reading. Ariel Tachna’s Seducing C.C. takes place at summer camp and spans the weeks of the summer session. Roger, who quickly earns the nickname Astro for his knowledge of the stars, is the new camp counselor who specializes in the ropes course and repelling. He’s come to camp to get away from his normal life as a grad student and to recover from a broken heart.

Among the other camp counselors is Sam, nicknamed C.C., who has worked at the camp for a few years. Astro finds C.C. attractive with a great personality. The only problem is Astro promised himself he wasn’t looking for another boyfriend this soon. And that’s what he wants–a boyfriend, not a random hookup or one night stand. Unfortuntely, from what Astro sees, that’s exactly what C.C. specalizes in.

Even with that knowledge, Astro can’t deny his attraction to the other man. This produces some excellent conflict as C.C. keeps trying to snag a date with Astro and Astro keeps saying no. But after a heart to heart while the two are stuck in the staff house during a thunderstorm they finally talk it out and come to an understanding that let’s their relationship move on to the next level.

Tachna does a good job of setting Astro and C.C. into conflict. Even once they’re together there is the looming question of what happens when the summer is over. The push and pull between these two was fun to read. Add in the supporting cast of the other camp counselors who are rooting for the two of them (but watch out, camp pranks are a tradition) and you’ve got a delightful cast of characters.

The camp is a great setting for the story as it gives the opportunity for both Astro and C.C. to shine as we get to know them. For Astro you see how genuine and caring he is while he’s working with the campers to help them learn how to run the ropes course. Plus he’s always eager to help out the other counselors. C.C., meanwhile, is an EMT who is in charge of the infirmary and he is passionate and dedicated to his job of keeping the campers safe and healthy.

The only thing that could have made this a better read is if I could’ve done it on a beach, which is where any good summertime book should be read.

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