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I’ve eagerly awaited the debut of The LXD since they appeared on a December 2009 episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The wait ended this morning as the first two episodes of The LXD (or Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) debuted on Hulu. The first batch of 10 episodes, which will premiere weekly, looks at the origins of some of the Legion’s members. As with a superhero movie, each of these dancers has a moment where they find their dancing “superpowers.”

In episode 1, “The Tale of Trevor Drift,” Trevor finds at an early age that he can move but his father doesn’t want him to explore his talents. Everything changes for the boy though when he unleashes his skills 10 years later at the prom. The second episode, “AntiGravity Heroes,” shows two guys finding some sort of magic in a warehouse that unleashes their powers. In both episodes we see glimpses of the Alliance of the Dark, which seems to be set up as the arch villain to the LXD.

The quick episodes (one is 13 minutes and the other 8) are told with a minimum of dialogue, a lot of story and some amazing dancing. Here are a couple teaser clips from this week’s episodes:

Get on over to Hulu and check out the adventure for yourself!