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It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a hockey update. There were some technical difficulties with the blog for a bit and time in general has gotten away from me too.

Overall I’ve been having my usual good time playing. With the high heat and humidity that NYC has had the past two weeks the rink has been anything but cool and it’s made the games more difficult. The games on the 17th (Wizards vs. Rampaging Moose and Blizzard vs. Great Whites) were brutal. The Wizards lost 6-0 and, while I did have a great time on the bench with Jonathan, Mark and Adrian, the game was hot and steamy and not at all well played. Later that night Blizzard lost to Great Whites 7-3. The Blizzard only had 8 or 9 players and we started out good, but ran ourselves out of energy.

This past week I only played one out of the available three games. I missed both Wizards games–Friday’s because the weather conspired to keep me from getting to the rink and Saturday’s because I wanted to have a Saturday night with Will. I did play the Blizzard vs. Billymarks game, which we lost 4-2 (or maybe 5-2… I don’t remember the exact score). I did pick up the first goal for the Blizzard in an end-to-end run that resulted in a sloppy goal that happened only because the goalie lost the puck under himself and ultimately pushed it over the line. Regardless, I enjoyed making the rush and that I got a decent shot off…and a goal is a goal. Sadly this was another game we were short, only 10, and there was some poor positional hockey played. I enjoyed playing D with Rich though.

It’s been a blast playing with the Blizzard so far, and very cool that they got a jersey for me. I wasn’t going to buy one since in theory I’m only playing for the summer, but Marc decided to get me one anyway. I was very honored and it’s cool to be decked out all official.

The Spring/Summer season has just a few weeks left as the regular season should wrap just before Labor Day. It’s possible one or both teams could end up in the playoffs, which would be awesome.