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The most fun I’ve had all season happened last Saturday night with the B-17 Bombers. After a Friday D8 Blizzard game, Bombers captain (and Tigers captain) Bob asked if I was going to be around and could I sub Saturday night because the Bombers were short–only six were expected. Since the Bombers have a lot of Tigers on their team, I was happy to help out. As I showed up to rink side after a Blizzard game, there were only four Bombers. Luckily three others had be recruited to help out. So the eight of us, plus goalie, took on the fully-benched Great Whites.

The Bombers won 5-2!

It was textbook hockey played well. With only three defensemen (I was one of them) and five forwards, the team played a positional, disciplined, high-energy game that sometimes you don’t even get when a team has all their players present. It was a privilege to sub into this game and be part of such a satisfying victory.

Speaking of fun, I’ve had a great time with the D8 Blizzard this season and will miss these guys when the season is over and I head back to the Tigers for the fall. They are a great bunch of guys and it’s been fun to play with Steve and Rich (Rich and I have been defense line mates several times this season and it’s been a solid partnership) on a team for the first time, and with Mike again. It’s looking like the Blizzard will make the playoffs for D8, which will be cool. D8 is very competitive this season with the standings all bunched up so hopefully our last few games of the season will be successes.

I’ve missed a few Wizards games lately for one reason or another. I did play with them last night in the only game I had scheduled for yesterday. We lost 3-1 (although the one goal from Jeff K was an impressive short-handed breakaway that was awesome to see). We just couldn’t generate any effective offense.

Only a few weeks left in the regular season, which looks like it will end by Labor Day. I’m off from all teams next week for vacation (yay! vacation!). At least the weekend I’m back I’ve got games Friday, Saturday as well as my Breaking the Cycle fund raising scrimmage on Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to all of that.