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The Fall/Winter 2010 Tigers hockey season opened last night against the Hotshots, who won the game 6-3.

It was great being back with the Tigers. As much as I had fun with the Blizzard over the summer, it was odd to play against my Tigers teammates on their summer teams–the Spiders and the B-17s. The core of the team was back and Scotty and Jonathan made a return after several seasons of being elsewhere in D8. There’s also some new players who look quite promising in their debut.

I started off my season getting the opening Tigers goal. I drove into the offensive zone, zipped around a couple players, almost lost the puck a couple times to the opponent but I stuck with it and put it in the net. Defensively I did okay last night. I shut down some of the stronger Hotshots players on more than one occasion. I did let myself get drawn out of position a couple times though and I need to be more vigilant about not allowing that. Sadly I am missing next weeks game and then we have a bye week, so no more Tigers for me until the 23rd.

Fall officially started yesterday morning too as I went to my first of the 5am Ronnie’s Ice sessions. I love these super early practices and yesterday lives up to expectations. Looking forward to many more of these over the coming months.