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A lot has happened in the past week with my new short story, “The Dancer & Sexy Big Man.” Dreamspinner Press set a November 10 release date for the eBook short story, which is publishing as part of its Nap Size Dream line (just as “Rivals” did last year). I also got to go over the gallery proof, which is always exciting since it’s a chance to see it all laid out and formatted for publishing. At the end of the week an excerpt also went up on the Dreamspinner site (note, the excerpt is suitable for general audiences but the story does contain adult situations).

Elsewhere in the my writing world…

I’m working through another lesson in the “How to Revise Your Novel” course so that Neutral Zone becomes the best it can be. This one is interesting focusing on the promises you make to your readers. I’m curious to see how many I made and how many I kept across the 200+ pages.

Will and I are two weeks away from starting National Novel Writing Month and working to create our first co-written story ever. I’m excited!!!

I’m also pondering a new short story (or maybe novella…not sure yet). The idea is just forming, but I’d like to write something that is set inside a bike ride like Braking the Cycle. We’ll see what comes of this over the coming weeks.