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The Tigers had a rough night as we lost 5-2 against the Sled Dogs, who picked up their first win of the season. Currently the Tigers are 1-2 for the fall/winter season.

The first goal against was the toughest one of the game by far. I was chasing down the puck into our offensive zone with the intention of coming around back of the net to decide on my next move. Our goalie came out and decided to play the puck even though I was saying I had it. Instead of clearing it, he shot it into me and the deflection put it on the stick of one of the Sled Dogs who put it into an empty net. Even though we answered that goal pretty quickly, some other out of position moments for us allowed the lead to grow and we just couldn’t even out the score.

Despite the early puck mishandling, I was mostly pleased with my effort last night. My defense was mostly solid. I did make some end-to-end puck carries that were good, but sadly didn’t produce a goal. I came close a couple times, but the goalie kept blocking and the Sled Dogs defense put up some good obstacles (especially Dave). In the third period I got even more aggressive on offense trying to help dig us out of the hole we were in. At that point, I figured, the score was already lopsided enough that it was worth the risk to try and be more offensive. It did get us the second goal as I was in deep and fed Scotty a centering pass which he buried in the net.

There was one other high point to the evening… one of the newer Sled Dogs wore a jersey with an angry looking bunny wielding a hockey stick. Turns out this was for a roller hockey team he once played for called the Fluffy Bunnies. It was one of the coolest jerseys I’ve ever seen.  Bob and I now want to create a team called Pissed Off Angry Hockey Bunnies.

Ronnie’s Ice was a blast yesterday morning. The scrimmage in particular was just perfect. Good balanced teams keeping a fast, fun game. I do love 5am hockey!

Next week the Tigers take out first meeting of the season with the Polar Bears. That should be a good time.