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The latest edition of my sister Jessica’s novella Tree/House is now available for purchase. She was also recently interviewed by author Mike Angley, so be sure to check out his blog to read more.

Reviews by Jessewave continues to be a valuable resource for readers as well as writers of M/M fiction. They recently wrapped up their Ins and Outs of M/M Romance series with posts by popular writers J.L. Langley, Josh Lanyon and Clare London (Hi Clare!). Fans of author James Buchanan will also want to check out this insightful interview.

I find the lives and works of gay authors (both past and present) an endless source of inspiration, thankfully so does Brooks Peters, whose piece on forgotten pulp writer Jay Little is remarkable. I am so hunting down a copy of Maybe, Tomorrow.

Peters also writes a wonderfully in depth review of Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward. This biography was recently nominated for the National Book Award, garnered raves and has become the big gay book of the season! Steward, among many other things, wrote popular gay pulp/porn under the name Phil Andros. Gay pulp fiction is a passion/hobby of mine and I happen to have a copy of the Phil Andros classic The Greek Way sitting on my bookshelf. It should be fun to reread it after I’ve given Secret Historian a try.