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The yearly challenge that is National Novel Writing Month is nearly upon us and writers of all types have been prepping for the impending insanity.

Every month is NaNoWriMo for hard working romance author Alison Kent and, though she is not officially participating, she is working on her own 50k in Nov. challenge.

Lynn Viehl (of Paperback Writer) has been doing a series of informative blog posts to help those who are old pros, as well those who are accepting the NaNo challenge for the very first time. I’d like to call special attention to this post where Lynn offers a free downloadable copy of her excellent writing productivity guide Way of the Cheetah. Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough. And it’s FREE!

Jeff and I are writing a joint project for NaNo this year. If you’re interested in watching our progress (via that adorable word count widget) you can find our official NaNo page here. Though there won’t be much activity for the first couple of weeks. Other scheduled projects have led us to tackle NaNo during the second half of November. If each of us writes 2k words a day from the 15th thru the 30th, we should hit the 50k mark on schedule. Granted, this leaves almost no room for error (and there’s that pesky holiday to deal with too) so, we’ll see how it goes. No matter what, it’ll be thrilling… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.