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Game four of the season for the Tigers saw us end up on the losing end yet again. The Polar Bears gave us a mighty fight, and despite coming alive at the end of the second period and throughout the third we could not turn the tide. We ended up with a 4-2 loss, giving us a record of 1-3.

Our two goals did give us hope that we could tie the game. The first came near the end of the second period, a goal that I picked up an assist on as I fed it up to Adam who worked with Mike to get it in goal. The next one came in the third to get us to 3-2. Even though we spent minutes on offense though, with less than a minute to go we ended up playing in our defensive zone. The Bears picked up another goal and we played out the last 20 seconds with a score of 4-2.

I played okay last night, certainly a recovery from the morning (which I’ll talk about in a moment). The worst gaffe of the game was on a penalty kill when I wiffed on a puck clear, which resulted in the Bears getting their first goal. The rest of the night was better, with better defense, less wiffing and, as the game went on, an attempt at offense. I lead a few charges into the offensive zone, but they didn’t turn into goals. Did get injured, albeit not bad, as I got hip checked into the boards by a teammate. I slammed back first into the boards, which hurt and knocked the wind out of me. Somehow in that I also damaged a toe on my left foot, which bled the rest of the game. Both injuries seem like non-issues today, which is good.

So Ronnie’s Ice yesterday was some of the worst hockey I’ve played in a while. I blame it on staying up too late on Friday night at the Flying Goats reunion party (which was a not-to-be-missed event). It seemed like every time I touched the puck I mishandled it. It was sad, but at least I got a good work out from it.

Next week the Tigers are off so unless I get called up by the Sled Dogs to sub Ronnie’s will be the only hockey on Saturday.