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It was a great night for Tigers hockey this Saturday as we met with with last season’s champions, Billymarks, and beat the 5-4 in an overtime shootout.

The game was exactly what you want from a game–a close game from beginning to end with a good amount of scoring and nail-biting drama right down to the very end. After a couple weeks of pretty major losses, it was great seeing the team play so well and come out on top. I don’t remember where all five of our goals game from, but it was great seeing Adam get the first one as well as the shootout one that got us the win. It was also fabulous that Laurie got two of our goals.

I had a lot of fun and also felt like I played well. In particular I liked shutting down the Billymarks strongest player. He skated really well and was fast, but he was also stoppable because his puck handling wasn’t as good as his skating. It felt like I did I good job of being in the right place at the right time too.

Ronnie’s Ice was, as usual, great yesterday. The group thinned out a bit from the week before so we had half-ice four-on-four (my favorite) and we did a penalty kill drill that I love. All-in-all a fabulous Saturday of hockey.