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I capped off Thanksgiving weekend with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. What an excellent installment in the series. The movies have gotten better and better since Prisoner of Azkaban and this one has an epic feel to it.

Obviously things are very dark as Deathly Hallows opens with Harry, Ron and Hermione not going back to school at Hogworts. In fact, very little is seen of the school or the other students. This first half is primarily focused on the trios search for the Horcruxes that are the key to destroying Voldemort. The film makers have done an excellent job of capturing the foreboding tone that J.K. Rowling established for the final book. The actors were up for the challenge too and it was incredible to see them going back and forth between being strong, determined adults and then scared, frightened teenagers. It was a a great movie that didn’t feel at all like 2 1/2 hours.

* Spoiler paragraph * This installment ends as Dobby, the house elf, who saves Harry and the gang from Bellatrix. Harry gives him a proper non-magical burial. We then see Voldemort get the wand he needs from Dumbledore’s grave. Give where the break is, it means Part 2 is going to be an all out war movie. I’m excited for that movie and hope that July gets here quick.