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The Tigers had another close game last night that ended in a loss as we went down 3-1 versus the Scapegoats. All-in-all, not a bad showing against the Scapegoats, a team that has dealt us far bigger losses in the past.

I was out for two of the goals and those two should’ve been prevented. For the first one the goalie blocked, blocked and blocked again and between me, my defense partner and the center we couldn’t get the puck away and the Scapegoats got the benefit of one too many rebounds For the other goal, I lost control of the puck while trying to skate it out of our defensive zone and shortly there after a goal happened.

Regardless of the outcome, I still had a good time playing and having either Mikey or Steve for defensive partners. I had a couple of breakaways, which were fun even though they didn’t make goals, and I had some nice shots on net too. Next week we’re against the Sled Dogs, which is guaranteed to be a good time.

It was good to get back to Ronnie’s after the week away from it during Thanksgiving. I’m noticing more that my shot is getting better, more accurate. It’s far from perfect, but it’s definitely better. My aim is improving as I can get shot in the sides, over a stick and into the five whole and even sometimes top shelf. I’m not sure what’s changed all of a sudden to make this happen, but I hope I can keep refining this. Scrimmage was great yesterday too as I got to play on a team with Roman (who I don’t get to play with enough), Laurie, Mike, Bo and Ronnie among others. It was an excellent morning!