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The Tigers put together a great game last night, beating the Sled Dogs in OT with a score of 2-1. It’s our third win of the season (we’re now 3-5). The curious thing about the wins is that they’ve all been overtime wins. It would be nice if we could start winning in regulation and giving up points to the teams we’re beating.

It was a fun game and very evenly matched (which was a large part of the enjoyment). Mikey had a great game with an assist and the game winning goal. Laurie got the other goal for the night. It was awesome watching these two make the goals.

I played well last night too. I wasn’t out for the one goal against we had, which was good for the evening’s plus/minus… especially since I was on the ice for the two goals. After the first couple shifts I got into a good rhythm and played pretty solid D and when I had a failure, Jonathan was there to back me up.  Johannes was back with us for the first time in a long time, which made it feel like old school Tigers hockey. Sadly he and I were always changing for each other so I didn’t get any ice time with him.

Next week we’re against the Polar Bears in the last game of 2010. Hopefully we’ll pick up the win so we can get closer to an even record.