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The Tigers closed out 2010 hockey with a 4-1 win over the Polar Bears this afternoon. It was excellent seeing us get a definitive win in regulation play. The Polar Bears picked up the first goal, partially because I failed to cut Brian off from coming into the slot. That was it for their scoring though as we poured on the offense and kept the defense strong.

Despite fighting a cold, I managed to put out a high energy game. Yes, I helped allow one goal in, but other than that it was a pretty solid game for me. I misjudged some geometry at one point, but goalie Tom covered me on that one. I also had some good defensive assists from the evening’s forwards as well as Mark and Mike who made some solid D moves as well.

We’re one game past the half point in the season and we’ve got a 4-5 record. We seem to play tighter every week so I’m hopeful we’ll roll on in 2011 and end up in the playoffs for the season. We’re off two weeks for the holidays and then we are back at it.

The last Ronnie’s Ice for 2010 (at least for me since I won’t go on the holiday Saturdays) was a blast too. Completely worth getting up for after just a few hours of sleep (up late due to seeing Angels last night). Played some decent D there as well.

Two things to do before getting back on the ice January 1, 2011: sharpen my skates, which need it desperately, and get some new sticks since I broke my last RBK stick this morning during drills.