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I love “process porn”, meaning that I just can’t get enough of writers talking about writing. Book wenches has interviews with two of my favorite authors, Aj. Llewellyn and R.J. Scott.

Michele ‘n Jeff Reviews just posted an insightful interview with popular m/m writer (and all-around super-cool gal) Clare London.

Ally Blue had a Christmas epiphany, finally figuring out why she writes gay romance (and it’s not the reason you’d think).

I recently discovered horror author (and freelance pen monkey) Chuck Wendig’s blog TerribleMinds. His snarky, profanity-laden posts have pretty much made him my new favorite person. Like everyone else in the blogosphere, Chuck has a few thoughts about resolutions and the new year. He has declared that the next twelve months are the year shit’s gonna get real. I like that… I think I’ll make that my mantra for 2011. He also has thoughts on what writers can take away from the cinematic train-wreck Tron: Legacy.