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A shut out is not the best way to start the new year for Tigers hockey since we were on the losing side of it. We were pitted against the Great Whites, who are always good for a strong game, and despite our best efforts they picked up a 3-0 win. This puts the Tigers at 4-6 for the season with six games left to play.

It seemed like we played better than the 3-0 score. We were on offense a good amount, we had some good breakaways and we played strong defense. Unfortunately, every time we made a mistake the Great Whites capitalized on it and I think that more than anything else led to their goals. Meanwhile, their goalie played a great game, along with their defense, to keep the pucks out of their net.

I was pleased with my game last night, though I was I could’ve done more. Granted, I don’t know what that “more” could’ve been, but i wish I’d found it. Defensively I felt solid as I stripped the puck off of several players. There was one goal that happened while I was out and it’s one from a breakaway that I should’ve stopped before it ever started. Luckily way had five D last night, which helped to keep the D fresh because three of us were not feeling the best.

Yesterday’s sharply cold air gave me a difficult time. It was around 18 degrees when I left for Ronnie’s and my lungs constricted almost as soon as I stepped outside even though I’d used my inhaler to help counter that. During warmups I took some more because I was feeling tight and before the drills were done I’d gone back for a third. It was super cold in the rink too, the sweat on my neck stung like it was trying to form ice. Not being able to take in a full breath made the morning skate difficult… and afterwards I got to deal with the after effects of taking a bit too much inhaler.

I wish I’d felt better because the scrimmage yesterday was excellent with a lot of high caliber players that would’ve been fun to see how much I could challenge them. At best, I gave it a mediocre effort and it times it wasn’t even that good. At least it was a bit warmer for the night hockey, but I still had a few issues towards the end of shifts. Luckily those dissipated pretty quickly once on the bench.

Next week the Tigers have a bye week. We’re back on the 22nd against the Billymarks.