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It was a rough game for the Tigers last night as the Billymarks beat us 7-3. We opened strong in the first going up 2-0 but over the course of about eight minutes the Billymarks scored 5 and picked up two more in addition to that. While we managed to hold them scoreless for most of the third period, we could only pick up one more goal despite strong attempts at offense.

Those eight minutes were difficult. They came at us with strong offense and, while it felt like we were doing everything right, as Jonathan put it, they were doing things more right. I loved that we never gave up though, right down to the last minute of the game we were trying to get more goals.

It was a fun game, even with the loss. I finally got to break in a new stick last night and it felt good. Defensively, even though I was out for some of the goals against, it felt like a good game for me. I stripped the puck off the Billymarks best player a few times and made a few good plays. Goalie Tommy said I played a good game. When the goalie says that, you know you did something right.

I had a couple of offensive rushes too. Sadly on my best breakout no one else came down the ice with me so a rebound opportunity was missed. I had several shots from the point too that the goalie kept turning away.

Ronnie’s Ice was awesome. There were only 10 players so the scrimmage was a half-ice, 4-on-4 game that was incredibly fun. I enjoy the half-ice games since it’s a different challenge to play in a smaller space. We haven’t done one in a while because there’s been too many skaters. Perhaps the fact it was so cold (wind chill of 4) in the morning kept people away. We had good drills too as John subbed in an gave us some new things to consider.