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I’m kicking myself for not discovering The Paperback Fanatic sooner. This ‘zine from across the pond covers the weird and wonderful world of genre paperbacks from the 60’s and 70’s. I recently subscribed (It’s quite reasonably priced) and promptly recieved issue 17 in the mail.

I was floored by the quality content, especially the articles about series character Nick Carter (“The super-spy that threatened to out-Bond James Bond”) and Holloway House author Joseph Nazel, who penned many of that publishers blacksploitation adventure-thrillers. If you have even a passing interest in vintage paperbacks, I recommend grabbing the latest issue.

elisa_rolle has pieces up about two gay authors of note, George Nader and Patricia Highsmith.

In an effort to dispel the myth that J.A. Konrath is the only one making big bucks on ebooks, Konrath himself has had several authors post about their own unique experiences navigating the epublishing waters. Terri Reed, Sam Torode and Blake Crouch (and several others) tell all about indie/self publishing. It’s informative and enlightening.