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The Tigers losing streak continued last night as the Scapegoats beat us 3-2 in a hard fought and mostly well played game.

Unfortunately, I was directly responsible for the third goal against. I had control of the puck in our defensive zone as it came back to me due to a bad pass from the Scapegoats. Instead of following through with my plan to fire it up to Leif, who was ready to go near the far blueline, I managed to wiff the pass. One of the Scapegoats offense came in and took the puck before I could recover. While Jonathan, my defensive partner, broke up the initial attempt at a goal it only took a few seconds for then to to get one in.

It was not my best moment of the season by any stretch. I mean I have my share of screw ups, but this one was huge and so unnecessary. I was very disappointed that I let that happen.

Other than that, it was a well played Tigers game against the team who is ranked #1 in the division. And except for my huge error, I played well too. Despite having some issues with a cold I ended up with at the end of the week, I had an energetic and aggressive game. I even jumped in on offense a couple times and had a good time working with the forwards. Sadly, those efforts didn’t result in goals.

After last night we’re 4-8 with three games left in the season and, not counting last night’s games, still parked in 6th place of seven teams.

We’re off next week for the President’s Day weekend after that we see the Sled Dogs. If I’m doing the playoff math right (and I might not be), it looks like we can still make it. A good first step would be to knock out the Sled Dogs who currently hold the last playoff slot in 4th place.