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It was superb Tigers hockey last night as we beat the Sled Dogs 6-1.  This is our first win of 2011 and first win in the past four games. It’s a much needed win as we try to pull oursleves up the standings to get into a playoff spot.

The game all the way around was played so well. Despite our losses, the team has played well this season. Last night we kicked our game up a notch as we had some really great plays. The offense was solid, as evidence by the six goals scored. Defense also worked well at keeping the Dogs at bay. The only goal against was the result of our goalie mishandling the puck on a clear that he came out of the net to make.

I was happy with my game play last night. I had a rough start as I couldn’t get my feet moving right, but that was short lived. For the most part I made smart plays and had all the speed necessary to take care of my responsibilities.

In our race to the playoffs, we’re still not home free yet. Our 5-9 record still has us in sixth place, but we’ve closed the gap on the Billymarks and Sled Dogs (we’ve got 10 points to their 11 and 13, respectively). We’ve got two games left and neither is a sure bet for us to win. In addition, the Billymarks and Sled Dogs play each other next week, so one at least one of the teams above us will add to their points. Even if we win the remaining games, we will need the teams above us to make some mistakes too. In any case, it’s good to know we’re not dead in the water.

Meanwhile, Ronnie’s was great yesterday morning with only a dozen people on hand. Small games were great and the scrimmage was loads of fun as my side won. Next week is the last 5am of the season though, and that’s sad.