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Tigers playoffs hopes were dashed last night before our game even started. The Sled Dogs needed to lose their matchup against the Billymarks for us to stay in the race but the Dogs won quite handily and took us out of contention. By the end of our game, we’d have been out of it anyway as we lost to the Scapegoats 4-3.

We started off on top of the game, getting a 2-0 head start on the opposition. In short order in the second period they tied the game and then got one up on his to make the score 3-2. We managed to answer that one to tie it up but then with less than five minutes left they scored again and we couldn’t get it tied up again.

Somewhere in the second we lost control of the game for just a few minutes, right as the Scapegoats turned it on. Despite that it was pretty well played. Defensively we should’ve been able to stop a couple of the goals that sort of dribbled in. I’m pleased to say I was only on the ice for one of the four goals. On the whole I was pleased with my play, despite a few errors. Luckily Jonathan had me covered on the error front. I’ve enjoyed partnering with him this season as we always cover each other well.

In two weeks we play our final game of the season and then there’ll be about a month where playoffs happen without us. Next season I’ll be playing on the new NYCGHA 7B team, Boxers, as well as serving as an alternate in D8.

Yesterday was the last 5am Ronnie’s Ice for this fall/winter season. It was, of course, great. There were only 14 people plus a goalie so there was lots of ice time. We did a good penalty kill drill and the scrimmage was great (including the long awaited appearance of Ryan’s mom on the ice which was great to see). After a 7am next week, the session will settle into the 6am slot for a few weeks (not too bad, but still not the greatness of 5am).