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The Tigers finished up the Fall/Winter 2010-11 season last night with a satisfying 4-2 win against the Hot Shots. Even though we fell out of the playoffs two weeks ago, we were determined to end the season on a high note. Beyond the end of season, we also wanted to wrap up Mike and Adam’s stint as Tigers with a win.

We were mostly in control of the game from the start. We did score first and even when the Hot Shots answered the goal, we went up on the board again fairly quickly. In the third, while we were at 3-1, the Hot Shots did get closer with a goal that brought them within one. However we not only kept them from tying the game, we also scored on their empty net.

In a season where we were consistently playing well, despite losing games, is final game was great. Everyone played so well–forwards and defense. It was a really great game to be part of.

I also did a bit of an audition for my future Boxers captain. I’ve known Alex for years and have played with him and against him a few times. Last night it was against. Early in the first period he and I (and I didn’t know it was him at the time since his name wasn’t on the jesey) were battling in the corner. I got the puck off him and knocked him down at the same time. Later he told me he was looking for the same thing on the Boxers. I told him I would bring that to the new team (we start up in mid-April).

I played well last night. I was paired with Mike, which I enjoy and am glad we got to do it for his last regular Tigers game. We didn’t let goals in while we were out together. I made three breakaways during the game. I never converted into goals, but the charge was fun. I ended up with a huge body slam last night too. Late in the third with about five minutes to go, I was on point in our offensive zone and somehow Alex and I collided. I went airborn, rolled in the air and came down on my back.


Luckily Doc Matt played last night and gave me a quick look? I tweaked mike back between my shoulder blades, but nothing out of place or too damaged. It hurt, it hurts today and I imagine it will hurt more tomorrow. I took a couple minutes off but forced myself back out after the Hot Shots made the score 3-2. I wasn’t going to let us go down because we only had three defensemen.

Post game we went out to celebrate the end of the season and to bid Mike and Adam farewell as the prepare to move to Pittsburgh. I’ve known Mike since I started on the Tigers in April 2002. He was gone for a couple years, but returned in 2007 and is a great teammate and friend. I met Adam in the summer of 2008 when he took up hockey and played in the Chelsea Challenge that year. He quickly became another great teammate and friend. It’s been great watching Mike and Adam become a couple in the years since. I will greatly miss them both. But at least they’ll be back occasionally and it’ll be a good reason to go to Pittsburgh too.

Team play is now done for about a month. I’ll be going to Ronnie’s Ice each week and picking up a few scrimmages in the meantime. For the spring I’ll be full-time on the new D7B Boxers as well as an alternate for the D8 Bombers.