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What a tremendous difference a year can make. This past Saturday was the first Braking the Cycle training ride. Last year, this same ride was difficult and scary for me (you can read about that here). This time it was nothing but fun. It was good to see that I maintained some good strength over the winter doing some hill work on a spin bike. Instead of being slow at the back of the pack, I was up front with the leader and charged up the hills that were so difficult for me last year. It felt very good and I’m hopeful that it’s a sign of how good the training season will be this year.

Fund raising is also off to a decent start for so early in the season. Thanks to Michael Bukraba, John Lewis, Keith Champagne, Benji and Brian Farrey-Latz and David Wender for getting the fund raising off to a good start. There’s a lot left to raise though to cross the $4,000 goal. If you’re reading this it would be excellent if you could help with whatever you can donate. It’s easy to donate online here. All funds benefit the HIV/AIDS Services at the LGBT Community Center of New York.

More to come on the training and fundraising… Stay tuned!